The Coastal Cleaner

A Robotics Solution to Beach Cleaning

This academic year, We have taken on an ambitious challenge: designing and building a robot capable of autonomously cleaning the beach. The Coastal Cleaner is the project of the year and will be put to the test in the UT challenge (the prototyping award).

The Coastal Cleaner is designed to traverse the beach and filter out all the trash, leaving it spotlessly clean. It will be able to pick up various types of debris, such as plastic bottles, cans, and other objects that are harmful to the environment. To handle the terrain, a robust track will be used, allowing it to traverse the beach easily and quickly. It will also be outfitted with a system to help it navigate the beach autonomously.

We are confident in our team’s robotic design and are excited to see how the project fares in the UT challenge. By creating this robot, they hope to help clean up the beaches, preserve wildlife, and ultimately promote a healthier environment.